The Foxy Box Club

Help Us Deliver A Difference

Giving a little kindness one box at a time

Help Us Deliver A Difference

Make A Difference in Someone’s Day – That’s the whole purpose and inspiration of the idea behind The Foxy Box Club™.

We’ll share the whole story and you can meet the real inspiration behind the story that’s making a difference in time. For now, lets focus on what we think matters – You and Making A Difference.

Have you ever noticed that some people pay it forward and yet don’t seem to take the simple steps to look after themselves, and don’t ask for help?

We did.. and inspired by the stories of our past .. The Club was formed, and since then we’ve been busy coming up with cunning plans, sharing ideas, and boxes.. and we love hearing about people’s happy surprises and smiles as they receive their unexpected boxes.

We’ve inspired kids, caused creativity and it’s just the beginning.

We hope you’ll take a small step, connect on instagram and in time join us in making positive differences in people’s days.

The Foxy Box Club

Golden Post Box

Foxy Box Delivery

Will you Join The Club Today?

This is your invitation to join us as in the first founder membership to The Foxy Box Club™ and includes at least 3 boxes being sent to people (which could include yourself) in the first 12 months after your membership purchase.

Each box will have a retail price of minimum £20.

All residual profits from The Foxy Box Club™ are used to support charitable projects. All membership payments / donations are non-refundable subject to standard Terms and Conditions and UK regulations.